Rostie & Associates Is Attending Collision 2021

Rostie & Associates Is Attending Collision 2021


Rostie & Associates Is Attending Collision 2021

The Collision Conference is here again and we couldn’t be more excited.

The heralded tech conference heard round the world has been a mainstay in Toronto since 2018, which was a clear-cut nod to the rapid growth of Canada’s new tech hub.

Although this year’s conference will take place virtually, there is still a lot to be excited about.

Spanning three days and with a great lineup of notable speakers and enterprise corporations set to attend, this year’s conference should shape up to be one of the best yet.

Given the critical role technology has played in response to COVID-19, this year’s Collision Conference should certainly be one of the most important ever. In 2020, technology provided a lifeline to companies worldwide and with that, there will be a lot of discussion as to how it can be made even more effective.

Collision provides a platform for start-ups, small, medium, and large businesses to share everything tech as one global community.

With the expected 40,000 attendees from over 100 countries, there will be no shortage of topics, discussions, and of course, the biggest opportunity of all, recruiting the best talent from around the globe.

As a start-up or small business, scaling to a large corporation may be a bit more daunting than ever perceived when it comes to hiring new employees.

So, how can they compete when it comes to acquiring top talent?

Use a tech recruiter with a track record of success.

Rostie & Associates, who are celebrating our 30th year in business, have had the privilege of working with such large corporations as Cisco, Microsoft, and HP.   We’ve also been a strong supporter of the start-up business ecosystem providing critical placements in these small, soon to be enterprise companies such as Fortinet, Q1 Labs and Sonrai Security.

With years of experience, knowledge, and adaptability, we have fostered a reputation of providing only the best of the best in every region of the world.

Are you a company looking to acquire new talent to push you to the next level of success?

Find out how Rostie & Associates can help make that a reality.

For more information, please contact us at 416-777-0780 or 1-800-647-0780 or by emailing

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

***NEW JOB ALERT*** Sales Executive – Southwestern Ontario


Sales Executive – Southwestern Ontario

  • JOB ID: 3153
  • Southwestern Ontario

Our client is an IT Management Consulting company who is looking for additional SALES Executives to add to their rapidly-growing team.

The Sales Executive will generate leads, build relationships, secure new accounts and maintain existing accounts.

Key Responsibilities

• Develop and manage a robust pipeline of sales opportunities through the entire sales cycle.

• Manage existing accounts.

• Introduce Assessment Technical Service team and organize security network assessments.

• Influence and execute sales promotions and sales strategies to increase revenue.

• Build client road-maps.

• Attend networking events to drive business and secure new contacts.

• Analyze the territory/market’s potential, track sales and status reports.

• Conduct weekly presentations to management/sales manager.

Key Requirements – Education & Experience

• 2-5 years sales experience

• Must have strong written and oral communication skills, as well as strong negotiation and interpersonal skills

• Understanding of the London and surrounding area market

• Is entrepreneurial in nature and comfortable working on a team that values a “DIY” approach

• Must be a fast learner, self-starter, and capable of managing the entire sales process

• CRM Experience an asset, must have experience with Microsoft Office Suite

Key Perks

• Extremely Competitive Salary

• Full benefits

• Great commission plan


Rostie Tech Hot Jobs: December 23rd, 2020

Rostie Tech Hot Jobs: December 23rd, 2020


Rostie Tech Hot Jobs: December 23rd, 2020

It’s Wednesday – and we’re serving up some freshly brewed positions.  Rostie & Associates have some new scorching hot jobs!

Looking to make a career change? Check out some of our Hot Jobs!

Senior Software Engineer

  • JOB ID: 3131
  • Canada & USA

Looking for talented engineers who build elegant, scalable software platforms. We’re less concerned with GPA, years in industry, or particular technologies and more interested in passion, potential, and perseverance.

You will solve complex business problems, set technical strategy and deliver solutions with lots of autonomy and opportunity for leadership. You will participate in design meetings, mentor more junior engineers, and be a core part of setting up the company for the next 10 years of growth.

  • Build the latest and greatest cutting edge communication technology.
  • Write, test, and deploy code into a fabric of real-time microservices.
  • Manage your time and drive the roadmap for your technical areas.
  • Improve our shared engineering standards and processes.
  • Learn from and teach other great engineers.
  • Monitor and tune robust systems capable of handling 10x ever-growing traffic

Contact: John Anderson – OR 1-800-647-0780 EXT 11122

Software Engineer

  • JOB ID: 3132
  • Canada & USA

Looking for engineers to work efficiently as part of a professional software engineering team; learning to own and support features past delivery and through their full life-cycle. As an Engineer, you will work with a close-knit product engineering team and technical lead. The teams are cross disciplinary, and include Product Managers, Designers, QA, and other Engineers (Data Engineering, Data Science, Telephony).

You will participate in design meetings and ask clarifying questions to fully understand customer scenarios and requirements.  You will work with consumer/dependency owners for design review and sign-off, be a technical leader within your software feature, mentor and share knowledge with the rest of the engineering team.

  • Develop easy-to-use, scalable, robust, high volume interactive client/server applications
  • Code with Vue.JS and other JavaScript libraries and have an excellent command over HTML, and CSS
  • Work with Python on Google App Engine
    • Cloud Datastore (NoSQL database)
    • Memcache (distributed cache)
    • Analysis with BigQuery
    • Debug with StackDriver
  • Work with real-time communication mechanisms such as WebRTC and WebSockets
  • Interface with designers, product managers, and other engineers (our policy: with fewer organized meetings, engineers have more time to code)
  • Launch new code weekly with our fast release cycles
    • Owning the release of the server and client in a rotation as release engineer
  • Improve performance to handle rapid increase in user base
  • Writing backend and frontend unit tests
  • Monitoring and alerts in Datadog
  • Participating in Python and JavaScript code reviews

Contact: Pam Inglis – OR 1-800-647-0780 EXT 11129

Rostie Tech Hot Jobs: December 15th, 2020

Rostie Tech Hot Jobs: December 15th, 2020


Rostie Tech Hot Jobs: December 15th, 2020

It’s Tuesday – and we’re serving up something spicy.  Rostie & Associates have some new scorching hot jobs!

Looking to make a professional change? Check out some of our Hot Jobs!

Distribution Channel Sales Manager

  • JOB ID: 3127
  • London, England

Our client is the creator of ground-breaking medical wearable and digital healthcare devices (AI data analysis & IoT).

After having secured contracts with distributors across Europe, multiple clinical trials and over 300,000 patients using their products, they are now seeking an experienced, seasoned , energetic and enthusiastic sales individual to manage their distribution channel.

Position will ideally be based in the London, UK, area though Germany is an option.

In this position, you would help manage and expand partnerships, proposals, projects and implement the go to market strategy for patient medication delivery systems with Controlled Dosage and a unique Data Collection App System on patients reaction, as well as future products as they are released to market.

The ideal candidate will have a successful background in medical devices or pharmaceuticals through a distribution channel as well as experience bringing new products to market.

Contact: Pam Inglis – OR 1-800-647-0780

Senior Software Engineer

  • JOB ID: 3129
  • Greater Toronto Area

Our client has created a revolution in real-time communications and is currently seeking talented engineers who build elegant, scalable software platforms. At this time, they are seeking a SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER to join their growing team.

You will solve complex business problems, set technical strategy and deliver solutions with autonomy and opportunity for leadership. You will participate in design meetings, mentor more junior engineers, and be a core part of setting up the company for the next 10 years of growth. Candidates can be based anywhere in/near the Greater Toronto Area (Toronto and suburbs including Markham, Richmond Hill, Ajax, Pickering, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, etc) or the Kitchener/Waterloo region.


• Build the latest and greatest cutting edge communication technology.

• Write, test, and deploy code into a fabric of real-time micro-services.

• Manage your time and drive the roadmap for your technical areas.

• Improve our shared engineering standards and processes.

• Learn from and teach other great engineers.

• Monitor and tune robust systems capable of handling 10x our ever-growing traffic!

Technology Stack

Python, C/C++, REST, NoSQL, WebRTC, SIP

Contact: John Anderson – OR 1-800-647-0780

Regional Sales Manager – TOLA

  • JOB ID: 3128
  • Texas

Our client, a leading provider of Threat Intelligence is seeking a Regional Sales Manager based in Texas (Dallas, Houston, Austin) for the TOLA region.

The RSM will be supported by a Top Lead Gen Team. Our client is offering excellent compensation, including an employee-centric benefit plan and Equity Potential.

The successful candidate must have: 3+ years in Direct Cyber Sales; Threat Intelligence and/or SOAR(Security Orchestration, Automation and Response); A solid track record of sales achievement and meeting quota.

Contact: Pam Inglis – OR 1-800-647-0780

The Season of (Employee) Discontent

The Season of (Employee) Discontent


The Season of (Employee) Discontent

The work-from-home model has become the new norm during the Covid-19 pandemic and while we have all had some time to adjust, have you been wondering how happy and engaged your employees really are?

Well, based on the findings of a study by Hays Canada, the answer is, not very.

According to the article, “49% of employees were seriously considering leaving their job”.

While these numbers are disturbing enough, in some ways, they are understandable. What’s truly shocking is that over half of the employers are doing nothing to help or keep their employees engaged!

Even during “normal” times, I heard similar complaints from candidates who were considering other work opportunities, things like lack of encouragement, direction or personal reward in their workplace are issues regardless of the pandemic, it seems.

Rewards, of course, take many forms.  Whether it’s recognition for going above and beyond, a high-five for a job well done, additional training, opportunities for growth or just a free pizza lunch; it doesn’t take that much to make an employee feel valued.

Even employees that are used to, and thrive, working from home, still want to know their work is appreciated and recognized.

While there are many benefits to working from home, it can, and has been, an extremely difficult transition for many employees.  They can feel that they have been cast adrift and now have to grapple with the challenges of the “new normal” – while worrying about the economy, their job security and learning to separate work and home – while at home!

As an employer, meetings on Zoom and counting keystrokes are not enough to ensure happiness or engagement. If you had thought it was, I urge you to think again.

A great number of employees feel isolated and uncertain about their future, making them more likely to look elsewhere for employment.

Please don’t discount the emotional and social aspect of employment.  A major part of working for any company is feeling that you’re part of the team, that you’re working towards a shared goal and that you feel like you belong! If we take that away, and what do we have left?

So, why do so many employees stay if they aren’t wholly satisfied with their situation? More often than not, this boils down to them liking their team, or manager, and a desire to stay loyal. If that’s doesn’t exist, or it’s taken away, it certainly makes it easier to leave.

So, what’s the solution?  Well, that’s the tricky bit right there, because there isn’t one solution that works for every organization or employee. What we do know is that management needs to learn how to keep their remote employees engaged, and quickly.

While staff turnover is simply part of running a business, if you want to better your odds of keeping your employees feeling like they’re part of a team, let’s get a little creative.

This article, from event site TeamBuilding, has some unique ideas to maintaining high spirits among staff. Whether it’s a couple tips and tricks on how to best celebrate employee birthdays remotely or a special ‘channel’ dedicated to celebrating small wins, there’s a multitude of ideas that would benefit any company’s culture.

On a more serious note, while considering ways of keeping your employees engaged – and employed with you – please don’t forget the very real impact Covid-19 has had on mental health for a great number of people. As CAMH acknowledges in this article, social isolation weighs heavily on everyone, some undoubtedly more than others. Keep an eye on your employees, some may be at risk of experiencing difficulties with their mental health and others may have previous difficulties amplified due to, well, everything that’s happening.

It’s the season of (employee) discontent.  We’re all experiencing this and it’s important that we encourage each other.

This too shall pass, so lets try and be there for one another, it’ll make our post-covid world that much better!

Pam Inglis, Manager Recruiting/Senior Consultant, Rostie & Associates


Throughout June and July, we’ve been having a ball here at The Rostie Group.

151 Beach Balls to commemorate Canada’s 151st Birthday!

We made sure to take our balls out to show the Waterfront what we’re all about!

[envira-gallery id=”10351″]

You can check out all of the adventures we had around the Office and the Waterfront with our Rostie Beach Balls by taking a look at our Instagram!

York Street Park Design Competition – Vote Now!

Waterfront Toronto in Partnership with Toronto Parks Forestry & Recreation have launched a project to design and build two new parks: York Street Park and the Rees street Park.

Located at the southern foot of York Street, the York Street Park site is approximately 8,000 square metres (2 acres) and sits between the southern extension of the Financial District and the York Quay residential neighbourhood. It will occupy the site of the former York-Bay-Yonge eastbound off-ramp from the Gardiner Expressway, which was removed in 2016-2017.

And you have a chance to shape the design going forward! Just visit and fill out a short survey to provide your feedback on your preferred design.


We’re Hiring!

We're hiring

We are a premiere business centre located in Toronto’s hottest market, the new “South Core”, and a provider of full service executive offices, team rooms, office rentals, teleconferencing facilities, meeting rooms, training areas, boardrooms and virtual offices.

At this time, we are seeking a Customer Service Representative/Administrative Assistant to join our growing team.Candidates must have a professional demeanor and enjoy working with people as this position requires you to be at the front lines and the face of the business.

Excellent communication skills (written and verbal) are an absolute must!

We have an exceptionally busy, cooperative work environment and candidates must be willing to learn and assist where/as needed.

This position will interact with every department/group within our organization.  Duties will include, but are not limited to:  reception – greeting tenants and clients – answering phones; assisting with meeting room and event set-ups/break-down; mail sorting, and responding to email inquiries.

Candidates living in the downtown core and holding a college diploma or university degree will be given preference.

If interested please contact Pam Inglis:
Tel: 416-777-0780

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