Open Mind new career

Keeping an Open Mind, and Open Inbox

Technology has made it easier than ever to contact someone. From…
Generation Z Working

Working with the New Generation

Like many of you still in the workforce, I was born at the tail…
Recruiter Business

Perspectives from a new recruiter in the industry

Earlier this month I began working with Rostie & Associates…
resume writing perfection

How to write the Perfect Resume

Well, the title is a bit cheeky as there really is no such thing! You…
Recruiting is a 2 way street

Recruiting is a two way street

I hear a lot of people complain that their recruiter never calls…
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Rostie Toxic Relationship

Leaving a "Toxic Relationship"

The interview is going so well and then, the dreaded question…… ”why…
March April Scoop Cover Compressed
Communication Skills

The Value of Communication Skills

There are many ways that a workplace can be disconnected, leading…

Polishing your Professional Image

It’s a new year and a time when many of us take stock of our…