Rostie & Associates Inc. work one on one with world-class companies to develop long lasting partnerships.

By learning the unique dynamics of client organizations our recruiting consultants locate candidates whose skills are the perfect professional fit for you and your company.

Rostie & Associates Inc.’s executive recruiting consultants go beyond the traditional personnel search firms’ mandate to ensure that your company receives optimum service.

To keep your company on the leading edge, bring your hiring challenges to Rostie & Associates Inc. and we will bring you the top candidates in your field.

We are leaders among placement firms with a staff of seasoned professional executive recruiting consultants.

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Executive Positions

You’ve climbed to the top of the ladder. Where do you go from here? At Rostie & Associates Inc. we have a long history of executive-level placement. Our ability to recognize the strengths of top performers and to match them to progressive roles is what made us successful.

Our track record is replete with success stories where the joining of companies and personnel has resulted in phenomenal corporate growth.

Retainer Services

The executive search consultants at Rostie & Associates Inc. offers dedicated retainer-based searches to our executive search consultants’ clients.

Contingency Services

This is the simplest form of the recruiter/client relationship. It is most useful for common placements where one goal of the client company is to avoid floods of resumes. As this type of search is based on mutual trust between recruiter and client, it is undertaken only where there is an established business relationship.

With Retainer and Contingency Services we are equally concerned with building effective relationships with our clients. By devoting attention not only to the skills required for a position but also to the chemistry between a candidate and client, we have achieved an impressive track record of long-term placements within a wide variety of companies.

Contracting Services

Contracting Services / Consultants, Executive and IT management

The executive recruiting consultants at Rostie & Associates Inc. understand that resources must adapt to keep up with demand. We recruit highly qualified consultants, executive, and IT management staff because we know that temporary staffing is a viable strategy for growth.

Our executive recruiting consultants provide the flexibility to hire contract consultants, executive, and IT management staff, according to your fluctuating requirements. We provide the resources you need, when and where you need them. Our consultants, executive, and IT management candidates and other related personnel are selected from among the best and brightest to fit your needs.

Rostie & Associates Inc. has successfully provided many companies with resources, consultants, executive, and IT management personnel to handle unplanned or peak demands. Our executive recruiting consultants help you achieve your goals, utilizing our vast database of consultants, executive and IT management resources to provide you with the perks of contract staffing.

Value Added Services

Value Added Services / Personnel Search Firm and More

Temporary Staffing

Rostie & Associates Inc. is more than an ordinary personnel search firm. For short-term or project needs our personnel search firm can supply temporary staff. The professionals supplied by our personnel search firm provide a broad range of skills. They can substitute for employees who are away or offset a temporary skills shortage.

In-House Hourly Services

On an hourly fee basis, Rostie & Associates Inc. will perform personnel search firm services to assist your hiring manager. We help you develop job descriptions, prescreen resumes and qualify your candidates. Personnel search firm services are available to support your managers in all hiring functions.

Additional Personnel Search Firm Services

  • Confidential Candidate Resume Collection
  • Resume Screening
  • Contact-to-Hire
  • Salary Surveys
  • In-House Recruiting

Rostie & Associates Inc. finds industry-savvy recruiters that our clients can hire, full-time or on contract to help with their staffing needs. Our recruiters show up with all the skills and industry relationships they need to succeed. They hit the ground running.

Why bring a recruiter in-house? We can think of plenty of good reasons.

Focus: With you as the recruiter’s only client, your jobs aren’t just high priority, they’re the only priority.

Insight: Working in your offices every day makes the recruiter familiar with the kind of people who fit into your team leading to better hires.

Efficiency: Having your own recruiter involved simplifies the hiring process by eliminating back and forth communication with third parties.

Cost savings: In-house recruiters can boost your cost-effective sourcing techniques, like referrals and direct recruiting, while cutting back on more expensive methods.

Think of your in-house recruiter as the sales force of your HR department. In the current market good candidates are hard to find and are often being solicited by several companies. To get to the star candidates before your competition we provide recruiters who have contacts, experience and the ability to sell your value proposition to the best and brightest potential employees.