Why you need to Lease your Toronto Office Today

Lease Toronto Office

If you want to do business in Canada, there’s no better option than an Office Lease in Toronto. Home to most of Canada’s business population, this vibrant city’s economy is the largest of any city in the country. All of Canada’s largest industries are headquartered here- everything from mining to law, accounting to construction. In order to adequately approach the Toronto market, an office is essential. A prestigious Bay Street address is even more essential- show your clients that you’re not running a fly-by-night operation by starting a Toronto office lease with the Rostie Group. All of the Rostie Group’s Toronto office leases include:

  • Mail Service
  • Phone Service
  • Live Reception Service
  • 24/7 Access
  • Bay Street Address
  • Full Access to Kitchen and Amenities
  • 16 Hours of free Small Boardroom access
  • Rostie Group membership allowing you to book your own meeting room time
  • Wi-Fi
  • Customizable Offices
  • Access to Gym Membership at reduced rate
  • On-site Technical support
  • Invitation to all Social Events being held on the floor
  • 30% discount on all large boardroom meeting space prices
  • Access to Union Station from via the PATH
  • Complimentary Coffee

All of these services are included- that means that when you start a Toronto office lease at the Rostie Group, all you need to bring is yourself, and your computer. We take care of literally everything else- so you can get your business in Toronto up and running in no time at all. You need to ensure that your business gives off the best possible impression to your clients, and if you want your business to be successful, well, why would you waste time dealing with admin, reception and organizing mail? All of those services that we provide save you the time it would take to do it yourself, and save you the cost of hiring several full-time staff.

So why wait? Lease one of The Rostie Group’s Toronto Offices today.

Serviced Offices & Why you Need them.

Serviced Office

Unlike a Serviced Office, the traditional model of renting your office can be tricky business. 3-5 year terms are the norm and you can’t get out of it easily if you need to. Not to mention, you’ll need to install communication systems, need to furnish your office and build your brand in your area.

Serviced Offices take all of these barriers that you’ll encounter and eliminates them, but you may have overlooked them in the past. Their monthly rental fees are higher, but they carry many benefits that a traditional office model does not.

Flexible short term lease agreements

Office renters, according to Skyline Offices, are looking for shorter term rentals. Offices are rented out on a rolling basis, meaning you pay at the end of every month, meaning that you pay only for the facilities that you have used. The costs of a serviced office may be higher, but you get far more services and facilities for your money and you have flexibility in case your business doesn’t work out. In addition to the physical space you are renting, services and facilities such as copiers, meeting rooms and even staff are available as and when you need them. Meeting rooms can even be booked by the hour for when you need them, rather than paying for facilities which do not get used.

No downtime when moving in

When you rent your own premises, there is a long set up period with installation and decoration. In a serviced office, you bypass this setup period and you can move straight into an office which is already prepared for you. You are ready to start operating from day one.

Maintenance of your serviced office

So who cleans your office when you rent your own premises? According to BSRIA, the average cost for maintenance was roughly £14 per square metre in 2008. In a serviced office, the cleaning and maintenance are included in your monthly cost. You won’t need to worry about allotting extra funds for cleaning, you can re-invest them back into your business.


Renting your own premises comes with the extra cost of staffing it. You’ll need a receptionist, technical staff, janitorial staff, etc. A serviced office strives to have the best staff and technology to ensure that their facilities are maintained to the highest quality at all times.

So before you sign for that lease, consider all your options. Is it really the best fit for you? You may just find that a serviced office like we have here at the Rostie Group fits all of your needs.

Why you should Rent your Meeting Space

Meeting Space Rent

It’s a fact of life (or a fact of business) that you’ll eventually have to have meetings. One-on-One, group meetings, team meetings, etc. You name them, they’ll have to meet at some point. Have you considered renting that meeting space?

So when you’re finding a space for those meetings to occur, it is often a corner of the office somewhere, where everyone has to bring their chairs and scoot over. Just making what might already be an uncomfortable space, even more so.

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones that has their own proper meeting space. But of course, owning space is very different from renting it.

For one, you have to maintain it. It can be costly to maintain a meeting room up to standard. Of course when it’s just your team, a little mess can be expected; some markers laying around, a used whiteboard, some leftover snacks.

But then if you want to bring a new client into that space, you’ll have to make sure it’s all clean and tidy. And your staff, as great as they may be, are busy making sure the business runs. They don’t have time to clean up every speck of dirt. Which then means you need to hire a cleaning crew, or extend the current crew’s service into the meeting room. But that brings potential reservations over confidential information…

And that isn’t even mentioning the cost of maintenance. What if the chairs break? Or the meeting table is damaged? The TV on the wall starts displaying static?

It’s just a whole cycle of never ending issues.

And of course, think about the opportunity cost. Space is expensive, especially in large cities. You already pay a significant amount for rent, and having enough space for your employees to actually do their job, do you really want to have to worry about paying rent for a room that will be sitting empty most of the time?

Unless your meeting space is doubling as your break room (which it really shouldn’t be), then it’s actual wasted space, and wasted money.

For those who are looking to cut some costs on their rent, and have a top notch, clean, and well stocked room, you should consider renting your meeting space from The Rostie Group. Free Wi-Fi, full technical support, videoconferencing, and delicious catering are all available.

What do I Want to Be when I Grow Up?

Crossroads of Work

NHL player, Movie Star, Actor, Fireman, Astronaut – all good choices and we’ve all probably wanted to be one or the other at some point in our lives. The little girl in me still thinks I could be aballerina!

Sadly though, we need to grow up (or at least get older) and have to make real-life decisions. As a recruiter, I meet and speak with a lot of people – I mean a lot – and over and over again I’ll have candidates applying for a position for which they have no educational background. The reason they’re applying, of course, is that they cannot find work in their chosen field.

A great (or bad) example of this is teachers. I have received so many calls from candidates with degrees/diplomas in education that are desperately looking for any kind of work – and according to an article in the Globe and Mail, June 2017, their odds are not going to improve for some time.

Not to say teaching isn’t a worthy goal, I still have some teacher heroes that I remember, but when you’re planning your courses in college or university, you need to do your homework (pun intended)…and find out if there are going to be jobs available.

You really need to spend your life working at something you love – or at least don’t hate! – so really give it some thought. Do you detest math and need a calculator to add 2 + 2? Well, perhaps accounting isn’t for you. Maybe you love to draw but don’t relish being a starving artist? Graphic design? Whatever your interests and strengths there are so many options out there but you may need to think outside the box.

Greater minds than mine have created a number of great articles sharing their insights on what the job market will look like over the coming years.

Here are a few to get you started:

10 Job Skills You’ll Need in 2020

7 Critical Skills for the Jobs of the Future

These Are the Skills of the Future, According to 39 Industry Experts

Elon Musk to the Young and Ambitious: Skills Matter More Than Degrees

Bill Gates: These Skills Will Be Most In-Demand In The Job Market Of The Future

Apple CEO Tim Cook visits Canada for the first time

Just make sure that when you ARE planning your future, do some research on the leaders in your chosen field. They have arrived at their position for a reason.

by: Pam Inglis

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The Oxford Way

Back in September 2017, Oxford Properties conducted a customer satisfaction and loyalty survey. Many clients took the time to let Oxford know whether they were meeting or exceeding service expectations. To celebrate the fantastic results Oxford have created a visual representation of this commitment via “The Oxford Way” video:

We love being part of WaterPark Place!

Here’s some events they’ve held in the building over the past year:

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Click here for more information on how you can become part of the Oxford community.

CoWorking in a Gig Economy

As we enter into a new business landscape of non-traditional office environments, the entrepreneurial spirit has extended into the world of temporary and remote offices. The concept of coworking has become a global phenomenon. With the increase in digital capabilities, many jobs no longer require people to be in an office to perform their daily duties. This has given people the freedom to establish themselves in rented desks and virtual offices. By providing a strong work-life balance that continues to be a key selling point for any employee, an open-door coworking space can give the 21st century worker the option to dictate their own hours and work on multiple projects.

The truth is, more and more people, especially young people, are choosing to change careers with regularity. Whether it’s for a new challenge, the opportunity to collaborate on a fresh startup idea or simply for economical advancement, the old adage of sticking with a career and then switching every 5 years to ‘learn your trade’ has come to be somewhat passe. People develop skills relevant to rapid technology shifts and they bring these abilities with them to evolving trends in a developing
professional community. Coworking spaces allow people to be visible to talent recruiters and also allow them to stay abreast of industry trends and even the possibility to mingle with competition.

The trend of coworking will continue to grow as many people opt out of traditional workspace options. Many large corporations have begun to establish their operations within coworking and
incubator spaces. This workspace revolution continuously grows at an exponential pace for many reasons but the most important is that it allows companies to surround their workers with innovative thinkers at a reduced cost compared to the rising cost of traditional business real estate.

Visit rostiegroup.com to learn more about our coworking packages and start your shared workspace experience with Toronto’s most comprehensive and executive provider.

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Working from home compared to Coworking

Today’s employers and entrepreneurs have begun to jump on the idea that an employee allotted with certain freedoms to work where they please is a more productive employee. One component of this idea is allowing people to work more from home and creating an environment of comforts to bring about the most efficient working environment possible. Although there are many positives when it comes to working from the house, there are some areas that take away from the benefits that come with setting up shop at a coworking space where ideas can grow and people can have access to features that aren’t available from the home office (or living room).

Coworking Spaces are managed by someone else and don’t require upkeep

Working from home creates a work environment that has many uncertainties attached to it that could hinder productivity. Internet connections can be slow or even down for extended periods of time and without IT personnel available to fix the problem, hours could be lost. Coworking spaces are typically equipped with tech support to ensure that all those who are working are given the tools needed to succeed. Something as simple as printer ink running out to not being able to send out an urgent parcel could create a blip on the efficiency chart. Coworking spaces are also business centres, which means they provide people with all the necessary features of an office from a stationary standpoint as well as an administrative one, with reception services to ease the pressure of handling mail, phone calls and other tasks of that nature. Which brings us to our next point..

Coworking eliminates distractions.

Working from home comes with a lot of distractions that can be eliminated when one spends time in a shared workspace. The binge TV watching that carries over from the night before or the home cleaning that you’ve been putting off forever can really be tempting when you’re faced with trying to progress your business idea or project. Coworking spaces deliver all the necessary components of an office while still making people feel comfortable and as though they are not in the traditional office space. With many coworking spaces having screens to show news and business channels, it will never feel like you’re isolated from the outside world and this media can be consumed with others. Let your binge watching assist your ice-breaker conversations with the other coworkers in the space. Which brings us to our next point..

Coworking enhances networking opportunities 

The old adage of it’s not what you know but who still lives on today. As we become more well connected through social media and other online outlets, it is imperative to interact with people as often as possible to push your business forward and connect with those who are in a position to help you fulfil your agenda. Coworking spaces have evolved into a modern networking event where an ever-revolving door of new people can deliver the opportunity to meet the most unlikeliest of colleague that could provide your startup or established business with possibilities that would not be made available at a typical office and certainly not from the home office. Finally..

Coworking spaces are designed to encourage people to be more productive

With the highest speed internet access, lounge areas to relax, meeting rooms to host clients and coffee stations to boost the typing fingers, coworking spaces are designed to bring people together for one purpose; to get things done. Getting out of the house and into a shared workspace provides the creative juices that bring about the best in people who want to take their ideas to the next level. Being around other like-minded people has a way to generate conversation that can deliver fresh opinions and attitudes that might be not be immediately considered without that outlet. Being in the thriving part of the city will get you motivated and ready to do your best work.

Start your coworking experience today with Toronto’s best business centre provider. Visit rositegroup.com today to learn more.