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Most Ransomware Gets Executed Three Days After Initial Breach

Most #Ransomware Gets #Executed Three Days After Initial Breach



Ransomware gets deployed three days after an organization's network gets infiltrated in the vast majority of attacks, with post-compromise deployment taking as long as 299 days in some of the dozens ... See more

10 hours ago
Google critics see its Firebase tools as another squeeze play

#Google critics see its #Firebase #tools as another squeeze play



Some app developers say Alphabet Inc's Google is increasingly pressing them to embed code in their own products that will deepen Google's access ...

1 day ago
Apple brings PC-like trackpad to iPad tablets

#Apple brings #PC-like trackpad to #iPad #tablets



Apple's new iPad brings PC-like trackpad capabilities for the first time, as the company seeks to make its tablet even more like a laptop computer.

1 day ago
Does remote working mean lack of belonging? - Workplace Insight

Does remote working mean lack of belonging? via @InsightOnWork #Training #RemoteWorking #FutureofWork

A diverse workforce means that three out of ten respondents don’t feel a sense of inclusion or belonging due to remote working.

1 day ago
Third of workforce expect role to vanish within three years - Workplace Insight

An interesting read - Third of workforce expect role to vanish within three years via @InsightOnWork #Futureofwork

Employers are focusing on their workforce, specifically fostering healthy lifestyles, supporting financial wellness and providing skills and training

1 day ago
Ultrasonic Attack Device Hacks Phones through Solid Objects

#Ultrasonic Attack #Device #Hacks #Phones through Solid Objects



Hackers could trick voice assistants to make calls or compromise texts

2 days ago
How to Modernize the Apps that Matter Most and Automate the Path to Production

How to #Modernize the #Apps that Matter Most and #Automate the Path to #Production



How to modernize applications that matter most and automate the path to production with VMware Tanzu.

2 days ago
Will an increase in remote working lead to more cyber attacks?

Will an increase in #remoteworking lead to more #cyber attacks?



Security expert predicts at least a 30-40% increase in cyber attacks during the coronavirus pandemic as remote working increases

3 days ago
Google Wary of Sharing User Location Data in Pandemic Fight

#Google Wary of Sharing User #Location #Data in Pandemic Fight



Google is limiting how its trove of location data is used in the fight against the novel coronavirus as the company balances government demands with user privacy concerns.

3 days ago
Many Ransomware Attacks Can be Stopped Before They Begin

Many #Ransomware Attacks Can be Stopped Before They Begin



The tendency by many attackers to wait for the right time to strike gives defenders an opening, FireEye says.