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Cybersecurity Leaders Increasingly Face Alert Fatigue, Tune Out Apps

#Cybersecurity #Leaders Increasingly Face #Alert Fatigue, Tune Out #Apps



The majority of cybersecurity leaders face alert fatigue, with 10 or more alert each day that take more than 10 minutes to investigate. As a result, SOC leaders may tune out some security functions.

20 hours ago
Cybersecurity Frameworks: Not Just For Bits And Bytes, But Flesh And Blood Too

#Cybersecurity #Frameworks: Not Just For Bits And #Bytes, But Flesh And Blood Too



Cybersecurity frameworks aren't just for evaluating security tech – they can help you assess and develop your team's security skills too.

1 day ago
Why cybersecurity is a big problem for small businesses

Why #cybersecurity is a big problem for #smallbusinesses



Cybersecurity attacks can cripple small businesses that aren't prepared. TechRepublic's Karen Roby talks with a security expert about ransomware, phishing attacks, and inadequate IT defense plans.

2 days ago
Cisco introduces renewals automation for partners

#Cisco introduces renewals #automation for partners



Allows partners to create co-branded renewal notifications.

2 days ago
What cybersecurity professionals can learn from triathletes

What #cybersecurity #professionals can learn from triathletes



The Swiss city of Lausanne recently hosted the finals of the World Triathlon Series. There are a surprising number of similarities between the approach to triathlon disciplines and those needed to ... See more

3 days ago
Cisco Sets Itself Up for Success | The Motley Fool

#Cisco Sets Itself Up for #Success



Cisco is changing gears to stimulate long-term growth.