11 hours ago
Retailers Walking A Tightrope Between Data Privacy And Personalization

#retailers walking a tightrope between #dataprivacy and #personalization



As consumers are increasingly shopping beyond the boundaries of their home countries, retailers and brands are faced with not only meeting differentiated needs and personalized preferences specific ... See more

16 hours ago
The Amazing Ways The Ford Motor Company Uses Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

The amazing #ways the #Ford Motor Company uses #AI and #machinelearning



Ford Motor Company, ones of America's oldest companies, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning in many ways from the supply chain to production to used car sales to self-driving vehicles. ... See more

2 days ago
University of Toronto to build new AI innovation centre with $100 million ‘largest donation ever’

#UOFT to build new #AI #innovationcentre with $100 million #largestdonationever



Philanthropists Gerald Schwartz and Heather Reisman have made a $100 million donation to the University of Toronto to build a new Schwartz

3 days ago
What Are The Most Significant AI Advances We Will See In The Near Future?

What are the most #significant #AI #advances we will see in the #near #future?



What are the most significant AI advances we'll see over the next few decades? This question was originally answered on Quora by Sudheesh Nair.

3 days ago
Carmakers are taking keyless entry to the next level

#carmakers are #taking #keyless #entry to the next level



Smartphones have largely replaced cameras, newspapers, books, and personal stereos. Next up: Car keys.

4 days ago
Building An Inclusive Ecosystem To Support Tech Startups

#Building an #inclusive #ecosystem to #support #tech #startups



Successful tech entrepreneurs are helping startups by creating an ecosystem that supports all tech founders, not just those who are white men.

4 days ago
How To Stay Ahead Of The Cybersecurity Game: Protect Your Customer Data

#Howto stay ahead of the #cybersecurity game: #protect your #customer #data



The complex nature of cyber threats means your organization must take a holistic approach to protecting customer data.

5 days ago
Google’s latest app, Rivet, uses speech processing to help kids learn to read – TechCrunch

#Google's latest #app, #Rivet, uses #speech #processing to help #kids #learntoread



Rivet, a new app from Google’s in-house incubator, wants to help children struggling to read. The app hails from Area 120 — Google’s workshop for experimental projects — and includes more ... See more