Renting Class Space in Toronto

Class Space

The class’ focus is one of the most important aspects when running a session with an audience. Just as any seasoned professor can tell you, it can be difficult to get the attention you need. In a way, that’s really up to the class members; they paid for the course. If they choose not to pay attention, then that’s their choice. However, that isn’t exactly conducive to the long term feasibility of a course. If the class attendees feel like they got nothing from the session, and if they feel their time was wasted, they’ll share that, and your class will suffer.

One of the main ways to get a class to focus is to provide them with a good environment. From the youngest children, to the most adult person, we all need a comfortable environment to learn in. So your main effort should be in finding and selecting an environment to run your session. It has to be an open space, capable of holding all your attendees comfortably, and be conducive to learning.

It also has to be decked out with the best tech. You carry your class with you; presentations, materials, etc. Nothing could be worse than entering a room and start to setup for your session, and the screen is of poor quality (or non-existent), There are no plugs for laptops, or everyone has to huddle somewhere to see and hear your presentation. It just hurts the overall focus in the room, leading to an inferior experience.

With The Rostie Group, you will always have the best class experience. Our rooms have multiple screens and full video conference available, so you can run your session from anywhere in the world! We can accommodate any group size. But if you need more space, our rooms can be linked by video, the next best thing to being in two places at once!

Take a look at our room selection, and choose the best fit to make your class a success!jvieir

Serviced Offices & Why you Need them.

Serviced Office

Unlike a Serviced Office, the traditional model of renting your office can be tricky business. 3-5 year terms are the norm and you can’t get out of it easily if you need to. Not to mention, you’ll need to install communication systems, need to furnish your office and build your brand in your area.

Serviced Offices take all of these barriers that you’ll encounter and eliminates them, but you may have overlooked them in the past. Their monthly rental fees are higher, but they carry many benefits that a traditional office model does not.

Flexible short term lease agreements

Office renters, according to Skyline Offices, are looking for shorter term rentals. Offices are rented out on a rolling basis, meaning you pay at the end of every month, meaning that you pay only for the facilities that you have used. The costs of a serviced office may be higher, but you get far more services and facilities for your money and you have flexibility in case your business doesn’t work out. In addition to the physical space you are renting, services and facilities such as copiers, meeting rooms and even staff are available as and when you need them. Meeting rooms can even be booked by the hour for when you need them, rather than paying for facilities which do not get used.

No downtime when moving in

When you rent your own premises, there is a long set up period with installation and decoration. In a serviced office, you bypass this setup period and you can move straight into an office which is already prepared for you. You are ready to start operating from day one.

Maintenance of your serviced office

So who cleans your office when you rent your own premises? According to BSRIA, the average cost for maintenance was roughly £14 per square metre in 2008. In a serviced office, the cleaning and maintenance are included in your monthly cost. You won’t need to worry about allotting extra funds for cleaning, you can re-invest them back into your business.


Renting your own premises comes with the extra cost of staffing it. You’ll need a receptionist, technical staff, janitorial staff, etc. A serviced office strives to have the best staff and technology to ensure that their facilities are maintained to the highest quality at all times.

So before you sign for that lease, consider all your options. Is it really the best fit for you? You may just find that a serviced office like we have here at the Rostie Group fits all of your needs.

Happy Canada Day from The Rostie Group!

Rostie Group Canada Day

Here at The Rostie Group, we wish everyone and their families a Happy, Healthy, and Safe Canada Day!

The June/July Scoop is Out!

The May Scoop is Out!

Enjoy this month’s Scoop and learn about exciting events happening around Toronto’s Waterfront. If you would like to advertise in our growing newsletter we are always happy to showcase local companies and community partners. For more information on advertising, email

And you can download a PDF version here

The Oxford Way

Back in September 2017, Oxford Properties conducted a customer satisfaction and loyalty survey. Many clients took the time to let Oxford know whether they were meeting or exceeding service expectations. To celebrate the fantastic results Oxford have created a visual representation of this commitment via “The Oxford Way” video:

We love being part of WaterPark Place!

Here’s some events they’ve held in the building over the past year:

[envira-gallery id=”9035″]

Click here for more information on how you can become part of the Oxford community.

Go Back Through Toronto’s History Thanks To Side Walk Labs

Have you ever wondered what originally stood where your condo stands now? Well now you can find out.

Earlier last week Google Sidewalk Labs revealed their project ‘Old Toronto’ (OLDTO). Inspired by web applications developed in San Francisco and New York, the website maps more than 30,000 photographs from the City of Toronto Archives. Extremely user-friendly, to use the tool all you need to do is search for a location and then browse through the archived images in that area. See below to check out what the area where our building is located originally looked like:

[envira-gallery id=”8896″]

In a statement released by Side Walk Labs they stated that they are also in the process of preparing OldTo for release as an open source tool, so local urban-tech enthusiasts can build on top of it. Engineers say they’re exploring additional features to add to the tool, including an aerial button that will “enable people to see how the city has changed from a birds-eye view”. Clicking on a photo will show any information contained in the description such as the title, date, conditions etc.

Try it out for yourself in the interactive map. (If you want to find us, we’re at 20 Bay Street)

If you’d like to work at such a historical location in Toronto, you can take a look at our available spaces.

Celebrate the Day of the Dead by the Waterfront

Celebrate Mexican culture with Día de los Muertos—The Day of the Dead. The festival, which also has alternatives in other cultures, started as a way for families and friends to come together to remember and pray for their loved ones who have passed away.

The Harbourfront Centre will host the event on November 5-6 and is free to attend. It features face painting to get into the spirit of the Day of the Dead, performances from Latin bands, puppet shows and altars of remembrance.

The Day of the Dead has become a global tradition and in places like Toronto, which celebrates its diversity, it’s a great chance to experience different cultures by the Waterfront.

World Records Broken at Waterfront Marathon


Last weekend’s Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon was a big and record-breaking one. One of the notable records broken was by Ed Whitlock, an 85-year-old from Milton, Ontario, who smashed the world record by running the race in 3 hours, 56 minutes and 38 seconds. The previous record in the 85-90 age category was at 4 hours, 34 minutes and 55 seconds. It was Whitlock’s first marathon in three years but even with chronic injury problems, the seasoned runner powered on to be the first man over 70 to break into the three-hour time range.

The Waterfront marathon also saw another Canadian, Calum Neff, break the record for running with a stroller as he pushed his four-year-old daughter to the finish line in 2 hours, 31 minutes and 26 seconds.

We’re happy to see the Toronto Waterfront Marathon continue to succeed and Canadians making a mark on the world stage. On behalf of the Waterfront community, The Rostie Group congratulates both Ed Whitlock and Calum Neff on their amazing achievements and wishes them luck at future races.

WaterPark Place Going Green in a Big Way


Our very own RBC WaterPark Place was featured in a recent BlogTO post of the greenest buildings in the city.

With Toronto constantly growing, there’s more and more need for sustainable design in new construction projects in the city. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system used around the world to signify the sustainability of buildings. They aim to transform the architecture and construction industries by pushing for the creation of high-performing, healthy green buildings to produce sustainable communities in Canada.

RBC WaterPark Place not only has an amazing view of the lake, but is also a LEED Core and Shell Platinum certified building featuring a huge 7,500 sq. foot green rooftop to give the city a breath of fresh air. Inside, CO2 sensors keep the air clean and the building taps into the lake to keep it cool inside. Efficient light and water fixtures also help significantly reduce the building’s environmental footprint and it has almost 400 bike racks for the two-wheeled commuter.

The Rostie Group, situated inside RBC WaterPark Place, is proud to be part of a project of this scale and we’re excited to see what the future holds for the city with more construction projects in Toronto taking the same route as buildings such as ours.