30 Snow-related collisions in Toronto: Time to consider a Virtual Office?

If you’re pouring into downtown Toronto, braving the high winds, wet snow and icy roads, one pretty elaborate question might start to formulate: “Why me?”

Interestingly enough a small subset of commuters like yourself could have been warm and toasty at home. Hopefully none but some may have been among the 30 smash-ups recorded before 7.30 this morning.

Of the myriad of reasons Virtual officesare touted to those who have the need for flexible workspace, icy road conditions may not be the most popular but it’s a pretty convincing one at times like these.

However, on days like today one could simply take heart in the fact that during “Toronto’s Worst Single-Day Snowfall” on December 11, 1944 when 48 cm of snow covered Toronto’s downtown, funerals had to be postponed and mothers walked to hospitals to later have their babies. Or, you could see if cutting out the commute altogether is a viable option.

Here are a few things to consider if you choose option B:
Virtual offices reduce the costs (in the broadest sense of the word) of commuting while maintaining all the perks of a permanent, physical location such as having a remote receptionist handle all of your traditional reception tasks, to having your company associated with an impressive downtown address.

Here are THREE basic starter questions to leave you with when seeking a virtual office:

• Will I have a well-recognised business address?

• Are the staff and receptionist professional.

• Is the reception area well furnished?

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