How is Your Office Space Etiquette?

We recently invited image consultant, Nicole Schwartz to be keynote speaker at one of our weekly Lunch and Learn seminars at the Rostie Group. Her presentation was entitled “How to Make Friends Quickly and Influence People”. While many rules of etiquette appear to be ‘common sense’ there are many things that aren’t as obvious or that we just haven’t thought of because of the level of comfort some of us are accustomed to, even in a professional environment.

Here is Nicole’s presentation on Slideshare.

Office Space Etiquette in Toronto

Nicole Schwartz in the Pacific Meeting Room of the Rostie Group in Toronto

Below are THREE additional rules specifically for your daily manoeuvres through your team room, in Toronto, or wherever you hang your bowler.
1. Walk around the partition  – don’t pop your head over your neighbour’s cubicle or peek into their workstation.

2. Stagger Lunch breaks – unless there’s a specific reason not to in order to provide everyone a few minutes alone at their desks.

3. Don’t invite yourself to conversations you hear over the wall. (self-explanatory)

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