Bike to Work Day kicks off Bike Month (May 26-June 26, 2014)


Bike month is soon approaching. The month long event will be kicked off with Bike  to Work day on May 26, 2014. The initiative started off as a Bike to Work day and has now gained momentum and is considered one of the largest cycling promotion events in Canada. The event is hosted by an organization called Cycle Toronto. Bike Month brings together families, artists, commuters and community groups to promote cycling at hundreds of events all month long.

The Rostie Group will be participating in Bike to Work Day and many staff members and tenants will be cycling  to the office all month long.  Bike month reminds us that our beautiful Queen’s Quay will soon be a wonderful oasis for bikers with expanded bicycle lanes and much more green space over the next year. The entire Queen’s Quay revitalization program is bicycle friendly and we are excited to see a big change in the number of cyclists in the area.

Around the globe, several countries are launching initiatives to promote cycling and healthy lifestyles. In the US, there has been a rise of protected bike lanes. A video detailing the rise can be seen below. One of the best projects that we have seen to promote cycling is taking place in Sweden. The municipal government in the city of Gothenburg is offering free bikes to commuters who promise to drive less. You can read more about this here.

Be a part of the movement and select a day to Bike to Work.

Happy Bike Month everyone!


The Rise of Protected Bike Lanes in the U.S. from Green Lane Project on Vimeo.

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