My recruiter never calls me…

my recruiter never calls me


Contributor:  Pamela Inglis, Recruiter – Rostie & Associates

Okay. Big complaint from a lot of people. “My recruiter knows I’m looking for a job and I never hear from them.” Fair enough, there may be some truth to that – but not for the reasons you think.

Whether it feels like it or not, we want to help you find a job. Nothing would make us happier. I can’t speak for other recruiters but it makes me feel really good to help someone find a job they love. But I think we all know how it works, it’s the clients that drive the activity. The work they give us determines the calls we’re going to make. Hopefully it’s for a role that’s perfect for you, but it’s not always going to be the case.

It doesn’t mean we don’t want to talk to you. Your relationship with your recruiter needs to be a bit of give and take. If your recruiter isn’t calling you back, well, you need to find a new one. But never hesitate to give us a call – we’d love to speak with you!