The Telework Trend 101 (Part 2/3)

What is Telework?

Telework is any type of work that is performed away from a traditional office space through the use of a computer and/or telecommunications technology.  This new employment arrangement accurately reflects the evolution of workspace culture, integration of technology, shifting business objectives, and awareness of the impacts of travel.  


By its very nature telework can be performed on a full-time, part-time or occasional basis from essentially four different locations: employee’s home, employer’s satellite office, telework/co working centres, and a variety of locations such as coffee shops or patios.   


Organizations that have had successful results tend to integrate a telework program into their existing legal, financial, administrative, and HR infrastructure.  Telework eligibility and supervision is subject to management discretion, is completely voluntary, and must be operationally feasible and cost effective.


Telework can save an organization millions of dollars while helping employees maintain a good work-life balance, reduce job related stress and essentially eliminate travel time.


Teleworker Profile

Who in your organization is most likely to telework?


  • Best jobs for teleworking: accountant, administrative assistant, customer service representative, engineer, graphic designer, programmer, telemarketer, travel agent, writer/journalist
  • Average teleworker’s gender: 56% are men, 44% are women
  • Average teleworker’s age: 42% are 18-34, 51% are 35-54, 7% are 55+
  • Average teleworker’s education level:  44% college graduate, 32% some college, 25% post graduate, 24% high school diploma or less
  • Out of 1074 respondents, teleworker’s position levels: 36% team members, 33% managers, 15% executives, 15% business owners
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