Introducing Virtual Business Offices – Toronto’s Address for Growing Companies

Do you need a Corporate Identity that reflects your business’s vision?

No matter your time zone, location, or business, there’s a Canadian market waiting for you. Why not have a presence in Toronto – Canada’s financial and business epicenter.

A Canadian presence seems like a no-brainer, but with real estate prices at record highs, it can become quite difficult to secure permanent space for you and your team. That’s where comes in. With one of our virtual service packages, all of your real estate costs disappear. Give your clients a front-facing Canadian office without ever having to set foot in the country.

In the age of digital content and online industry often eclipsing brick and mortar operations, it just doesn’t make sense to open (and pay for) a physical presence in a new market.

We offer services such as: the use of our prestigious Bay Street address (with mail collection) as well as live reception service and access to meeting spaces.

Serving companies in over 20 countries, has become accustomed to and excelled in, prioritizing the business needs for each individual company, no matter your location in the world.

At, the services that we deliver are anywhere and anytime, but most importantly, they’re guaranteed to ensure you succeed.