Coworking for Accountants


Coworking, flexible office spaces are not only for young IT professionals as the urban myth might have you believe. Coworking is for anyone who needs flexible office space for a few hours, days, weeks, or long-term. At the Rostie Group, we have a variety of professionals in our co-working space. There are IT professionals (yes, yes, there is truth to the myth), an urban planner, and professionals in sales, marketing, and finance. Some are here for a long-term and others for a season.

Speaking of seasons, it is tax season now! If you are an account, this is your busiest time of year. You might need to hire temp staff to share your load but you may not have extra space. You might be looking for an office where your clients’ information will be secure. You might usually work from home and need an office space with meeting rooms and phone answering service. You might need to teleconference with your clients out of town. You might be considering expanding to an office in downtown even after the tax season is over.

A coworking space at the Rostie Group might be your ideal solution. We provide:

  • flexible coworking space at reasonable prices
  • Secure personal work space,
  • reception and business service amenities,
  • a prestigious Bay Street address in a newly renovated office tower, and more.

Our coworking clients have also told us that they like the quality of our space and appreciate the professional service they get from our staff. Check out an article one of our co-workers wrote about our coworking space here. Last but not least, our coworking space offers the perfect opportunity for networking. There are a multiple of businesses on our floor and lots more in the office tower in which we are located.

Do you have specific questions you would like to ask us? Would you like to visit our working space in person? Please give us a call or send us an email. We will be sure to get back to you promptly.