Bad Office Posture Can Be a Pain in the Neck (Tips)


Good posture is important whether you’re sitting in a comfy office chair or at a workstation or standing by the water cooler. We spend countless hours sitting in front of the computer screen which can lead to back or neck pain. Fortunately all of this can be avoided by observing some thoughtful tips:

  • Sit right back in your chair
  • Use the chair’s lumbar support to keep your head and neck erect.
  • Take stretch breaks and walking breaks if sitting in an office chair for long periods of time.
  • Adjust the surface height of your desk and chair to suit the tasks you do and your own height
  • Make sure the work surface is elbow level.
  • Knees should be level with hips (use a couple of telephone books or adjust the height of your chair to fix this)
  • The backrest of your office chair should push the low back forward slightly.
  • Close both eyes, relax, now open them. Where your gaze finally focuses is where your computer screen should be.


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