Addressing Unconscious Bias Lunch ‘n’ Learn Presented by Elaine Newman, Founder and CEO, Global Learning

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Everyone has bias; it is part of who we are. Bias is best described as a mental shortcut: we often use readily available thoughts and personal views to help us make decisions and establish opinions. The problem with biased thinking is that it frequently leads to an inaccurate understanding of a person or a situation. This inaccuracy can mean we see a person or a situation in a more positive way or a more negative way which impacts our choices around innovation, hiring, engagement, management, promotion and our overall interactions within our teams and organization as a whole.  Come to this hour long introductory session on the fundamentals of unconscious bias and how it impacts our actions and reactions in our workplace and marketplace.


Bring your own lunch and listen to Elaine Newman, Founder and CEO of Global Learning Addressing Unconscious Bias!


About Global Learning

Global Learning is a leading strategic consulting and learning organization whose mission over the past 19 years is to provide their clients with innovative, relevant and transformational solutions in the areas of diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, cultural intelligence and organizational development. Their focus is to enable behavioural change that facilitates the growth of individuals and business in a diverse and competitive workplace and marketplace.


Date: Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Time: 11:45am – 1:00pm

Location: 20 Bay st, Waterpark Place, 11th floor, Toronto, ON                  Pacific Boardroom

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