6 Telecommuter Tips

Develop a Pre-work ritual. Have one thing in the morning that indicates to you that it’s time to work. It could be something as simple as jumping into the shower at a certain time or flipping your laptop lid open at your desk.

Batch. Don’t make a list of a gazillion tasks to complete. simplify things by batching similar tasks and prioritizing. Differentiate the urgent from the important to make your days more productive.

Work in blocks. Set certain time blocks for completion of tasks, jobs, projects. This will ensure you do not end up working into the wee hours of the night and that you are structured, efficient and productive.

Structure your everday responsibilities. Don’t leave the structure just for your 9-5. The more organised you are across the board the more you and everyone around will benefit, not just colleagues, family and friend included.

Maximise your work area. develop a filing system that keeps you organized and will help you maintain your especially productive bursts.

Invest in communication. Take the time to learn new technology that keeps you in touch with colleagues and even friends and family. This will help you maximise your time and make better decisions more quickly and confidently.

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