Why You Should Love Video Conferencing in Toronto


Many small and mid-sized businesses owners share the challenge of operating companies with an understaffed and overworked IT department on tight operating budgets.

In the face of these challenges, how will you grow your small to mid-sized business enough to reach new markets while competing with much larger companies? Video-conferencing is one way to reduce the costs of expansion and the challenges in communication that come with. Here are some other benefits of video-conferencing.

1. Save Money

Prohibitive travel costs no longer need be so prohibitive with video-conferencing solutions. Save money on travel while conveniently maintaining quality relationships with clients and staying in touch with colleagues on a regular basis.Whittle down your travel budget to include one or two high profile,critical face-to-face meetings a year.

2. Retain Talent

Studies bear it out and you may be inclined to agree that the majority of employees like to telecommute. In this mobile work culture increase your ability to keep your top talent by giving employees who relocate or need to work from home a few days a week and in turn save on office space, expensive restaffing and retraining. This will be especially critical If your firm is small and relies on the expertise of a small trusted unit that has built up goodwill with your customer base and represents hard-to-replace institutional knowledge.

Don’t wait months to meet. Make quick timely decisions via web conference where you and your team can discuss and share immediate feedback…

3. Add a Personal Touch

4. Archive sessions for retraining purposes or review

5. Reduce commute time and “downtime”. Increase productivity

6. Video Conferencing Saves Time

7. Get in on the Act

Size no longer has to limit smaller businesses from going global. The 90s belonged to the multinationals who were infrastructure and capital-rich and could therefore take advantage of globalization. Videoconferencing tools have shrunken the globe and now smaller companies can be cross shores and be fast, nimble worthy competitors internationally.

Take advantage of web and video conferencing. It’s easy now that the latest services are much less expensive and more flexible than before.


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