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Winter Rostie Group Polished Professional
Winter Rostie Group Scoop Year of The Pig
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It’s a new year and a time when many of us take stock of our lives – home, career, finances and health.

If you’re considering taking the next step in your career whether by making a move to another company or looking for a promotion with your existing employer, it can’t hurt to freshen up your online presence and resume.

Let’s face it, like or not, the first place a potential hiring manager looks to “check you out”, is LinkedIn and you want to make sure your profile will pass muster.

Is your profile complete and does it look professional? Have you listed all of your certifications and accomplishments? Does your photo reflect the “professional you” or did you go the “selfie” route?

You don’t have to pay for a professional photographer – just put on your best suit, pamper yourself with a little extra grooming time and have a friend take a nice head and shoulders shot.

We may not all be model material but we can all look professional!

Next is your resume. Whether you’re looking for a new role or not, it’s not a bad idea to update your resume every year – highlighting the previous year’s accomplishments.

This is also a good morale booster – be proud of what you’ve achieved!

Winter Rostie Group Polished Professional

You may also want to winnow your resume down a bit – you really don’t need a lengthy paragraph for previous roles that have no bearing on your current position and goals.

And edit, edit and edit again. This is absolutely essential. You cannot rely on spell check as grammatical errors may slip through – you have to read your resume through, read it again and then have someone else read it through for you!

Hiring managers can (and have) taken poor grammar as an indication of lack of attention to detail, or worse, poor communication skills.

You may decide to stay in your current role a while longer but you’ll be ready if the right opportunity – or your favourite recruiter – comes knocking!

by: Pamela Inglis
Manager Recruiting/Senior Consultant

Dollarama is now Open on The PATH

You’ll find it just past Winners, on the way to 1 York.

This adds to the growing number of retailers who are choosing to be on the PATH and it makes connected Businesses and Offices an even better value for Clients.

Winter Rostie Group Scoop Dollarama Escalator Location

With 2019 having just started, we wanted to take a moment to look back and appreciate all the events we had in 2018.

We started the year off with three issues of The Scoop. The January, February and March issues.

Then Oxford Properties arranged an Easter Egg Hunt for the building tenants. We couldn’t pass up on collecting our own set, and getting chocolates that tasted like victory.

Click here to see the full article.

Winter Rostie Group Scoop Easter Egg Hunt

Of course, that got us in the mood for our own eggs, and we decided to have an egg painting competition. We found it to be great fun! We will be doing it again in 2019!

Click here to see more!

After that, The Rostie Group declared that Spring was here! We didn’t care what any of the naysayers said, we declared Spring was here, and it was.

Click here to see our declaration of Spring!

Winter Rostie Group Scoop Spring is Here!

Following that, another first. The April/May issue of The Scoop was released. This marked an upgrade in content quality, as well as an increase in issue size.

Winter Rostie Group Scoop April May Scoop Cover

And that was followed by another dual issue, the June/July issue was released. This one included our tribute to Canada’s 151st birthday – 151 Red and White Beach Balls.

Winter Rostie Group Scoop June July Scoop Cover

Then Canada was here in a flash! Oxford Properties hosted an amazing Art Installation in the lobby for all the tenants to admire.

Click here to see the Full Art Installation Story

Canada Day Oxford Properties Art Installation

It was also around this time that our upgrades to our online portal were complete! Book meeting rooms online, order your catering and A/V needs all from any device!

Click here to see our Reservation Portal

It was time again for another Scoop! This time the August/September issue.

With Thanksgiving coming around, we decided to hold another Thirsty Thursday Meet & Greet. But with a twist! This time we raffled off a Turkey for a great Thanksgiving.

Click here to see the full article.

Winter Rostie Group Scoop Thirsty Thursday

Then spooky Halloween rolled around, and we LOVE Halloween here at The Rostie Group.

Click here for all the Spooky Highlights

Winter Rostie Group Scoop Halloween

At the same time, another issue of The Scoop was released! This time the October/November issue!

Winter Rostie Group Scoop October November Scoop

Time for football and partying! In parnership with AON, we held our Third Annual Euchre Bowl – Euchre Tournament and Tailgate Lunch.

Click here to read the full article!

Then the Holidays were here seemingly out of nowhere! We couldn’t pass that up with a pair of events!

First was Holiday Trivia! A lunch filled with fun while we tried to decide who was the Ultimate Holiday Trivia Master.

Click here for Trivia goodness!

Winter Rostie Group Scoop Holiday Trivia Event

And then we held our annual Holiday Breakfast. Freshly made waffles and make-your-own omelettes prepared by Chef Jordan Diniz

Click here for the full breakfast post

Rostie Group Annual Holiday Breakfast

We want to thank everyone who joined us at these events, and we’ll be looking to make even more amazing memories in 2019 and beyond!

Thank you, and Happy New Year!


Telephone – 877-218-0394

Peter Grech Howell International

Peter Grech
Managing Partner – Canada
Ward Howell International

Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever been?
Karachi, Pakistan – 21 million people and no traffic lights. Best food ever.

If you had to eat one thing for every meal for the rest of your life, what would you eat?
Easy – avocado.

What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?
Try avocado.

What song would you sing on karaoke night?
Hanginaround by the Counting Crowes

If you could have dinner with any three people, past or present, who they be?
Bob Woodward, John A MacDonald and Will Ferrell

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Nathan Felstead Rostie Group

Growing up in Oshawa, Ontario can never prepare you for what awaits in the big city.

Moving to Toronto is a major culture shock. The traffic, the noise, the transit, etc; it’s all so new.
Once, I turned 18, I felt it was time to go off to University to prepare myself for law school; a hasty decision that did not go as planned. After 2 years of adjusting to my new lifestyle, I found myself in a position where I had to choose a path that better suits me.

After months of thinking, it finally occurs to me that I simply cannot decide what it is that I want to do for the rest of my life. I had to try actually experiencing the job market.

This is where The Rostie Group comes in.

It has been an amazing experience for me to work with a wonderful group of people in a small, very personal work environment. I have learned more than I was expecting I would.

In such a short time, I have learned all of the responsibilities that go along with working a full-time position, something I had not yet experienced.

My experience at The Rostie Group has given me an idea of what I would like to do for a career by giving me an opportunity to put words into action.

by: Nathan Felstead – Meetings and Events Coordinator

You can never truly know what you are good at until you give it a shot.

The Rostie Group would like to welcome Nathan Felstead to the floor.

Joining us as a Meetings and Events Coordinator he has been indispensible as a member of our team. You may have seen him at reception already, or setting up one of our large meeting rooms, and of course making sure that all members of the Rostie Community have the best experience.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Nathan with The Rostie Group!

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Winter Rostie Group Scoop Chinese New Year of the Pig

An Innovative Way to Keep your Aging Parents Mentally Healthy

When we refer to healthy aging, we usually think immediately about adequate nutrition or regular physical activity. However, an important aspect that is often ignored is the preservation of mental and emotional health. Just as with physical well-being, there are the actions we can take to help us ensure our mental and emotional well-being.

For much of our life, consciously or unconsciously, we spend time keeping our minds and emotions in good shape through socialisation. Whether during our stage as students or in the professional field we practised teamwork and bounced ideas around with our colleagues. In many cases, that experience allowed us to make our points effectively, look at things from different points of view, and learn something else. This led us to socialise with groups of people who shared our interests.

As we get older, we often have to give up the activities that allowed us to maintain a mental and emotional health, and as a result, our opportunities for healthy socialisation are diminished. If we’ve been retired for a long time, or experience mobility challenges, or face a decline in our health, we may find that the possibility of going out to socialise with like-minded people is limited. The options at hand

seem to be limited to occasional phone calls with family and friends, watching television, or having a solitary hobby such as reading or crossword puzzles.

People & Topics has been created to provide innovative solutions to address these challenges among senior citizens. To do this, we emulate the dynamics of a book club: that is, a group of people interested in a specific topic get together and exchange points of view while a facilitator keeps the conversation on track.

From the comfort of their homes, seniors enjoy a 50-minute group discussion by phone. Seniors join the discussion group from their homes over the telephone and enjoy interaction with others interested in the same topic. Every week, we have a great selection of discussion topics about Arts & Entertainment, Memories, Current Affairs, Hobbies, and History. Our moderators ensure that everyone has the opportunity to express their opinions while keeping the discussion on track in a respectful environment.

To learn more about the People & Topics Discussion Club for Seniors:

416-840-0543 | info@peopleandtopics.ca

by: Rafael Lopez, MBA, Founder

Winter Rostie Group Scoop People and Topics Advertisement

Planning a meeting or workshop can be a multi-faceted task as there are many things to be considered. Aside from the venue, date, time, number of attendees and materials, you must also ensure that the proper catering is prepared for the ultimate success of the session.

Are you planning a full day session? Is the workshop happening in the middle of the summer or the frigid winter? Will you be feeding 10 people or 100 people? Are you working on a tight budget?

Here’s a quick guide to preparing the best catering options for a successful session.

Start with the coffee and tea. It’s as easy as that. Always make sure you are serving some sort of hot beverage at any session you’re hosting. There’s nothing that can satisfy someone throughout the day like a fresh cup of coffee or tea. This is a must have.

Breakfasts are either continental or a hot buffet. Depending on the starting time and number of guests, one must consider which option would be best suited.
With small groups, continental breakfasts are always a safe bet. This will also cut down the costs of a smaller session. Selections such as: pastries, muffins, yogurts and fruit will always provide a light, yet filling option for your guests.

With larger groups, you may want to consider the hot breakfast buffet. Buffets are great for feeding mass quantities of people and the chances of leftovers is minimal. For every person that is looking for something light, there’s someone who had to rush out the door and could use a hearty meal to start their day off right.

When it comes to lunch, a sandwich platter is a great place to start, as this versatile selection can accommodate the majority (if not all) of your guests. It’s a light option that provides a wide variety of combinations that will please most everyone. Special requests can be made and fulfilled for any of your attendees with special dietary requirements. They can even be made to suffice any religious restrictions, which in a multicultural environment is very important.

But, with a sandwich platter, you also have to consider the proper side dish to accompany this. There are a number of things to keep in mind when selecting the best side dish for the event you’re hosting. For instance, if it’s a winter meeting, you may want to consider soup, whereas a salad option would be better fit for the summer.

Rostie Group Catering Menu Chicken Skewers

If you’re doing a multi-day session, you may want to provide different sides for each day so the meals don’t become repetitive.

If you’re looking for more than sandwiches, a hot lunch can surely make an impression on your guests. Options such as: chicken, fish, beef or pasta will ensure that no one goes home hungry. This is an easy way of replicating a traditional lunch meeting at a restaurant, but within the confines of your meeting space.

You may even go home with some leftovers. Although more expensive, these options will surely help avoid the “cafeteria” feeling your attendees experience and can be a make or break factor as to whether they attend again in the future.

As for the afternoon snack, this option is for the most part, subjective. We all love a good desert to satisfy our mid-day sweet tooth craving. This certainly isn’t a must-have, but depending on your budget, group size and make up of attendees, is a great idea that will leave a lasting impression. Try and do something unique for this as it ties the entire day’s menu together and makes for a strong finish to the session.

At The Rostie Group, we’ve put a tremendous effort into providing catering options for any type of session that you’re hosting. With our unique, customizable menu, which includes both hot and cold options for all meals, we’re confident that this will be a critical part of the success of your session.

For more information on catering options, including our all in one priced Prix Fix Menu, please feel free to call (416) 214-1840 or email catering@rostiegroup.com.

We look forward to hosting your next fully catered meeting or workshop.

Bon appétit.

by: Tyler Blackwell
Community Manager

416-214-1840 ext.11363

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Winter Rostie Group Scoop PIe Bar Brunch Menu 02
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Lee Harvey Osmond Art Show
January 25


The Roadhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival

January 26


Dance Ontario’s Dance Weekend

January 26-27


Disney on Ice 100th Anniversary

January 25-29


Music Toronto Presents: Van Kujik Quartet

January 31


Toronto Light Festival

January 18 – March 3