The Telework Trend 101 (Part 3/3)

Technology Replaces the Traditional Office

As personal technology revolutionizes and reshapes the corporate landscape, it brings us closer to a global society and ushers in a new version of the typical workday.  Telework is an essential step in enabling employees to become mobile and work anytime, anywhere.  Work is now what you do, not where you go each morning. 

remote-worker2-300x201Organizations that encourage telework shift focus from where work is performed to the quality of work that is produced.  They take advantage of new technologies that allow teleworkers to stay connected to the company through a variety of communication channels and cloud resources.  By observing shifting office space trends and new innovative ways of working, they eliminate the need for workers to report daily at a specific worksite location.


Telework increases productivity while reducing office space requirements and absenteeism.  By offering telework, organizations become free to hire people who do not necessarily live in the direct vicinity of the office, thus widening their talent pool.  Teleworkers can live at greater distances from their place of employment and yet still stay fully connected.  Most teleworkers tend to visit the main worksite every so often, typically making use of coworking stations rather than occupying a permanent office.


The Amount of Time Spent Teleworking

The number of employees that telework either on a part time or full time basis is on the rise. The higher the position within the company, the more time a person generally spends working outside the office. 


  • Executives: 20 hrs, business owners: 30 hrs
  • Part-time telecommuting figures: 20-30 million work from home at least once a day, 15-20 million are mobile workers and work from home part time, 10-15 million are home businesses, 3 million are based full time from home
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