#RostieTalks – Miller & Bean

New video interview! #RostieTalks, features Miller & Bean, Toronto’s reliable office coffee service. Watch Spencer Anderson, our Customer Service Representative interview Josh Nehme, Director of Accounts Management and Partner, as they dive into the exciting details of this service based company in the GTA providing premium coffee, filtered water, and breakroom supplies for offices.

Q. Tell us a bit about your business and the area you specialize in.

A. Miller & Bean is an office coffee service company. We provide coffee, filtered water, and break room supplies to companies in the GTA.
Q. What sets you apart from the rest?

A. Our number one product is the BaristaPro bean-to-cup coffee machine, it’s the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly coffee machine for the office. Clients love it, best seller. The other “intangible” thing that sets us apart is our focus on customer service. It all boils down to creating relationships and we’ll go to the end of the world for our clients
Q. What do you love about having your business in Toronto?

A. Toronto is a vibrant and exciting city. If you look at all the development, all the business that is happening here… it is clearly the best place to be in Canada, even North America… to grow your business.


Q. How long have you been at the Rostie Group and why do you like it here?

A. Miller & Bean has been providing coffee service in Toronto for 7 years now, and we moved our sales and admin office to the Rostie Group this year. Our warehouse is 5 minutes away but working in a professional office environment right on Bay St., has already proven invaluable. It gives us quick and easy access to our clients and it’s perfect for training and meetings.


Q. When you look back, what is the most memorable experience you’ve had?

A. I’m very lucky because I get to do the fun stuff with our clients. A lot of them have charities they support and we’ll come in and support them too. Whether it’s a run, or a BBQ, or a party, those are always fun. I was lucky last year, I got out of rappelling on Old City Hall.


Q. What motivates you?

A. I want to build a great business. I want people to look at our team and think “those guys are making a difference”. I like that sense of accomplishment, that feeling of pride… that motivates me.


Q. What are the three pieces of advice you would give to others looking to try their hand in your industry?

A. -Make sure your phone is fully charged every day, because it’ll be ringing non-stop

-The mornings are early, so drink a lot of coffee, don’t worry about sleep.

-Treat your clients like gold. Keep your word.


Q. Where do you get your caffeine fix?

A. Lucky for me I’m never out of coffee. We’re always doing a demo here and there or testing out some new blend, so have constant access to caffeine. That’s not the problem. LOL


Q. What do you prefer, regular coffee or espresso?

A. Both! I have a Keurig at home and that gives my morning jolt, right now I’m loving the dark roasts. Our BaristaPro makes QWE espresso, so americanos, lattes, cappuccinos…I sneak a few of those every day too.


Q. You’re on a desert island and allowed only one item…

A. My cellphone, and a charger. And some coffee. Am I allowed three?


Q. What are you going to plug your charger into?

A. Can I bring a portable generator?… and some coffee? Can I bring three?