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On October 9 we will be hosting our second Lunch and Learn of the Fall, called Power up the Performance of your Company’s Sales Team, hosted by Lou Natale here at the Rostie Group. We are the lab for Your Virtual Butler, a CRM solution for workspace providers. A CRM system is instrumental for tracking and converting leads for any business. Here are few more ideas we put together for closing sales once you have your leads.

You will never convert 100% of your leads but how do you increase the percentage of potential leads that are converted? Take a closer look at how you handle the leads that you have generated through your marketing efforts and what you can do to improve your strategy with a few tips. Following up right away is key but there are a few steps before and after the follow-up that you might be overlooking.

  • If you’re not using a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), put together a spreadsheet to track all of your warm prospects.
  • Put together a spreadsheet or invest in a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM to keep tabs on your leads.
  • At the very least, organise your leads by name, email, company name, referral source and status.
  • Keep a record of what was said between you and the lead, business and personal info.This will help you customise and maximize their experience.
  • Old means cold. Follow up leads asap but when you have time to give them your full attention.
  •  Use their energy. Reflect your prospects energy then try to raise their excitement by asking them engaging questions about something they value.
  • Introduce a time constraint. Communicate urgency to get leads to act. Your prospect is most likely busy and a call-to-action that does not have a time limit might be very attractive but can still be forgotten.
  • Teach your lead. Whether your product or service is well know sometimes prospects need to picture themselves using it or be educated on how important using your product will be to them.
  • Build rapport. If your lead becomes comfortable with you then you are more likely to close them. Reflect the tone of your lead, don’t push the sale your lead out the door.
  • Develop a follow-up strategy based on your lead generating efforts. This will help you classify your leads. Target your warm leads and watch your response-rate increase.

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