Modern Meeting Rooms

Modern Meeting Room

What do you think of when you think of a board meeting?

Unlike modern facilities, I’m willing to bet the first things that come to mind are dark rooms, thick carpeting, leather chairs, the smell of old wood, and dust. Well, that may have been fine in 1956, but just as the workplaces look different in 2018, your meetings should too.

At the Rostie Group, we have Modern Meeting Rooms that are guaranteed to permanently change your perception of a board meeting. Our rooms come equipped with large windows to maximize natural light, and modern, ergonomic furniture that has been sustainably produced, in factories that guarantee good working conditions for their workers. Because unlike in the era that saw ‘traditional meetings’, that matters today.

It’s 2018- your meeting should either be paperless or it should have as little paper as possible. Deforestation is a global issue- leave that enormous paper trail where you left the old dusty furniture- firmly back in 1956. A modern meeting room needs to be equipped with a wide range of audio-visual options- screens, speakers, dedicated wi-fi, and outlets; leave paper behind.

Your comfort, and your guests’ comfort deeply impacts how successful your meeting is; and a modern meeting room experience is carefully tailored to maximize your meeting’s success. We worry about all of the additional details, like state of the art A/V equipment and sustainably produced furniture- all so you can focus on what’s really at stake- the success of your meeting.

Disrupt your preconceived notions of what a meeting is at the Rostie Group. You wouldn’t stay at a hotel that was last updated 40 years ago, so why would you hold a meeting there? It doesn’t make sense to embrace the past in a business environment that is as fast-paced and forward-looking as Toronto’s – go with the Rostie Group and understand what a modern meeting room experience really is .