Toronto has quickly become one of Canada’s major technology hubs. This has led to major progress in the entrepreneurship and startup space. Companies have to learn how to do more with less, so it’s no surprise that coworking, which has a lot of benefits, has been a growing trend over the last few years. But why get a coworking space with a centre like ours?

coworking space

Less expensive and more flexible

Leasing your own office space can tie you down into a long-term contract with high rates. That’s a major block for most new businesses looking to expand their workspace. Fortunately, our coworking packages offer you a dedicated space at cost-effective rates and with much more flexible contracts.

Dedicated spaces

Most coworking spaces are built for one kind of industry, giving you a space that fits you. Instead, we have built two such dedicated coworking spaces within our WaterPark Place centre that creates the perfect environment for success regardless of the area you work in.

If a fast and loud atmosphere is where you thrive, then our Sales Hub is the place for you to be. It’s the perfect place for any type of sales role. We provide headsets, our Toronto Bay meeting room and standing desks so that you are in the right frame of mind to close deals. When you do, ring the sales bell at the front of the room to announce it to everyone. And if you need to take a break, the Hub has a lounge area overlooking the lake where you can watch some TV or play foosball.

We also have a quieter space that’s perfect for creative roles. If you’re freelancing, a writer, programmer or designer, this space gives you a place away from the noise to concentrate on your craft. Our cubicles give you the perfect distraction-free area to work in and with adjustable standing or sitting desks, you can work how you’d like.

Networking opportunities

A space like our Sales Hub gives you the opportunity to work alongside different companies from different industries. It’s a great way to meet people outside your area of expertise to share skills and ideas and form partnerships that might have otherwise been missed.  Since you see them every day, it’s easier to build stronger relationships with the companies around you.

networking events

Sense of community

The biggest benefit of coworking is that you get to interact with other people, whether or not they’re in your industry. As mentioned in the previous section, seeing the same people every day can help build stronger business relationships.

At The Rostie Group, we also host monthly social events to help our clients find further networking opportunities with companies who work with us or who are situated in the Toronto Waterfront community and Toronto’s South Financial Core.

More productivity

As stories of people like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos starting out in their garages became popular, entrepreneurs started building their businesses from home. But getting in the mindset for working in your pajamas is tough. It might be tempting to turn on the TV or to play with your pets. Obstacles to productivity are everywhere.

This is where coworking comes in. By providing you with a physical office space to work in, you get in the work mindset with fewer distractions. The Rostie Group also provides you with multiple services such as our social media management plan so that you can focus on growing your business and leave the rest to us.