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6 Apps you could be using for Meetings

Contributor: John Aymes

Need an excuse to take your phone or tablet to the meeting with you? Look no further, here are some great apps that not only make meetings more productive but enhance collaboration as well, with  features that range from file sharing to taking minutes and or preparing points.


  1. GoToMeeting (iPhone, Android)

This app is number one our list and with good reason. You can truly flex your mobile muscles with this app that lets you join or host GoToMeetings from your mobile device. The app has a full host of features including handing off presentation control to anyone else in the meeting which could come in handy if you joined the meeting while paying for that pumpkin spice latte or you just got cut off on the 401.


  1. Meeting mate

Use this app if your focus is on collaborating in face to face meetings.  You can take advantage of a suite of collaboration tools to share presentations, group notes, files and interactive whiteboards. Because of this wide range of presentation features the app is better suited for tablets.


  1. TalkingPoints(iPhone)

Not to be confused with another app of the same name in the Android store, TalkingPoints is a useful iPhone app for storing the main points that you will make during a speech. Rearrange and edit the TalkingPoints list, which you can scroll through while making your presentation or speech.

  1. FuzeMeeting (iPad)

Host up to 25 participants with this app that allows you to share and view files simultaneously.

  1. iLeads

You’ll love this app if your goal in meetings is to be as paperless as possible. Keep track of the agenda, list of speakers and time left for different segments of the meeting. iLeads’ auto save feature should allay most if not all of your fears about having to reboot the app during a meeting and losing all of your information.


  1. Doodle

This app gets you ready for the meeting by giving you the flexibility to respond to meeting polls, create your own and see all in one glance at your mobile device. If you’re not familiar with the desktop version, Doodle is a collaborative scheduling tool that allows you find the optimal date for a meeting twice as fast as it normally would (according to Doodle).

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