Web Programmer – Contract

JOB ID: 3054,Toronto, ON

We are currently hiring a Web Programmer with the following traits and interests:

• Passionate about learning

o Personal projects

o Interest in programming, design & technology history, news etc.

o Irrational like & dislike of different frameworks & languages

• Critical & Assertive

o Willing to defend ideas from constructive criticism but also willing to be wrong.

o Willing to be critical of other people’s work in a constructive way.

o Understands that the above two points are only relevant for the benefit of the project and are not personal.

o Open mind when considering a point of discussion raised; attempts to minimize the impact of biases on logic.

• Creative & Curious

o Experimenting with ideas

o Strong ability to find connections between abstractions of concepts & able to follow along when they’re presented by others.

• Structured Coding

o Naming adds value for readability

o Comments where needed

o Willing to refactor code multiple times

The following technologies are required for this position:


o Web animation

o TypeScript (preferred) or Javascript

o React (primarily React hooks)

Experience with the following technologies would be useful to the role:

o Web readability standards

o Graphic Design


o GraphQL query syntax

o Microsoft Dynamics 365 UI

o Ant Design

o Stripe

o Github

o Redux

The following technologies would be an asset:

o Webpack

o C#

Consultant: Pam Inglis