Cyber Security Network Engineer

JOB ID: 3106,Huntersville, NC

About our client:

"The main appeal we have over a lot of other companies is we can really put a career in fast forward for those looking to get into cyber security. We pay for additional training and certifications, send them to industry conferences, introduce them to a wide array of products, and put them on some really challenging projects where solutions are not exactly found on a Google search. We don't get hired for the easy stuff. So if the person is looking to change their career trajectory we are the best show in town. We are known for moving rock stars up quickly and if they perform they can get on the Red team, a senior role, or team leadership with pay increases to follow."

Position can be located in: Huntersville NC, Charleston SC or Columbia SC.

What they're looking for:

"We are looking for a Cyber Security Network Engineer to be responsible for working directly with our project team to deploy cyber security related projects for our clients such as firewalls, wireless deployments, network segmentation, multi-factor authentication, secure Microsoft 365 deployments, email security products, SIEM deployments, Microsoft Active Directly audits, and more. The red team division of our business will hack into the networks, and you will assist with fixing the holes they discover as part of the blue team."

Over-all Responsibilities:

o Penetration Testing

o Firewall Projects (Cisco, Meraki, PaloAlto, Fortinet, and WatchGuard)

o VPN Deployments

o Routing, Switching, Subnetting, VPN, VLAN, QoS Configurations

o Secure Wireless Deployments

o Cyber Incident Response and Forensics Investigations

o Multi-Factor Authentication Implementation

o Directory Integration, SAML, and IDP Configurations

o Work with Clients to Develop Goals to Maintain a High Level of Security in Their Networks

o Travel to Client Sites as Needs Arise, (Out of Town Travel Approximately 10% of the time)

Consultant: Pam Inglis